Hanwha coach Carlos Subero’s selection candidate for the opening game threw a ball 10 km slower than other players in live pitching.안전놀이터 But for this player, velocity is just a number.

Hanwha right-handed pitcher Min-jae Jang checked his fastball, slider, and forkball in live pitching on the 18th (Korean time). The highest fastball speed was 136km/h. On the same day, while Felix Pena, Jang Si-hwan, and Han Seung-hyeok, who started live pitching, recorded restraints in the middle and late 140km, Jang Min-jae still headed for the catcher’s mitt ‘slowly but accurately’.

Jang Min-jae’s average fastball speed last year was 136.9 km per hour. Still, he had his best season, going 7-8 with a 3.55 earned run average in 32 games. Although he fell short of regulation innings, he set a new record for most innings in a season with 126⅔. 7 wins is the most wins in a season.

He overcame the slow speed of 130 km with his control and exquisite forkball. This year, he spends the camp with the goal of accurate control rather than fast ball. So, in my first live pitching, I was more satisfied with things other than speed.

Jang Min-jae said, “It was my first live pitching, and overall I am satisfied. The ball went in the desired place 90% of the time.

Conversely, the player who threw the fastest ball was Felix Pena, a 2nd year Hanwha player. Pena, who started the second live pitching on the day, threw a fast ball that reached 149 km per hour. After examining the four-seam, two-seam fastball, and slider cutter changeup, Pena said, “It was the second live pitching, and it was better than the first. Overall, I think I’m building my body well. I’ll prepare for the actual pitching and show a more perfect appearance.”

Minwoo Kim, Sihwan Jang, and Seunghyuk Han finished their first live pitching.

Kim Min-woo said, “Even considering that it was my first live pitching, it felt good. Overall, I am satisfied with my pitch and pitch better than I expected. Now that I am in the actual mode, I plan to improve my pitch and pitch a little more.”

Jang Si-hwan said, “It was my first live pitching and the weather was not good (strong wind), but thanks to my body, I was overall satisfied with pitching. I changed the pitch type and pattern while playing 4 pitches against 5 batters, and it went well. Strike I will prepare for the actual battle with an emphasis on throwing a lot of .

Han Seung-hyeok thought of the points of improvement first. He said, “It was my first live pitching, but I was not very satisfied because I felt that my body rotation speed was still lacking. I think I need more personal training. I’m going into actual combat mode, but I want to supplement the parts that I personally need a little more.” .

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