“They didn’t look like an eighth-seeded team,”

said New York Knicks point guard Jaylen Brunson, whose postseason challenge ended in a Miami Heat blast.

Miami, led by Jimmy Butler, won 96-92 in game 6 of the second round of the Eastern Conference of the 2022-2023 season held in Miami, USA on the 13th (Korean time).

Jimmy Butler played an active role with 24 points and 8 rebounds, and center Bam Adebayo recorded 23 points and 9 rebounds to lead the team’s victory.

With this, Miami advanced to the Eastern Conference finals with a series record of 4 wins and 2 losses. In the last four seasons, he has demonstrated his potential to reach the conference finals three times. The winner of the series between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers qualified for the NBA Finals.

Miami this season was special.

Miami finished the regular season with a record of 44 wins and 38 losses. 7th in the Eastern Conference and entered the play-in tournament stage. After losing to the Atlanta Hawks in the 7th place match, they played a brink with the Chicago Bulls for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference. By winning here, I dramatically won a ticket to the last train of the postseason.

The opponent in the first round was the Milwaukee Bucks (58-24) with the highest win rate in the regular season among 30 clubs. Miami faced bad news in Game 1, losing key scorer Tyler Hiro to injury.

However, Milwaukee also suffered from the injury of leading star Giannis Antetokounmpo. Miami did not miss the opportunity and ended the first round with 4 wins and 1 loss.

Miami gained momentum and defeated the New York Knicks, the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference, in the second round of the conference.

This made Miami the second team in history to start the playoffs as the eighth seed and advance to the Conference Finals. The New York Knicks, whom Miami defeated this year, set the first record in the division in 1999 with Latrell Sprewell, Alan Huston, and Marcus Camby.

In the Western Conference, the teams that passed the play-in tournament advanced to the Conference Finals.

The Los Angeles Lakers, played by LeBron James and Anthony Davis, beat the Golden State Warriors 122-101 in Game 6 at home that day, winning the series with a record of 4 wins and 2 losses.

The Lakers, who secured the 7th seed through the play-in tournament, beat the Memphis Grizzlies, second in the West, 4-2 in the first round, and defeated the defending champion, Golden State, in the second round.

LeBron James played an active role with 30 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists, and Anthony Davis dominated the bottom of the goal with 17 points, 20 rebounds and 2 blocked shots.카지노사이트

The Lakers will compete against the Denver Nuggets, the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, for a spot in the NBA Finals. Denver recruited Kevin Durant and advanced to the conference finals by beating the Phoenix Suns, who had jumped to the championship, with a record of 4 wins and 2 losses.

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