Jude Bellingham’s ransom is skyrocketing.

Football statistics media ‘Transfer Markt’ updated the ransom values ​​of players active in the German Bundesliga on the 29th (Korean time).

The player who received the most attention in this update was definitely Bellingham. Bellingham has already boasted the highest value in the world with a ransom of 110 million euros (approximately 155.4 billion won), but this time his ransom has risen again. Now he is valued at 120 million euros (approximately 169.5 billion won).

This is the third highest record among soccer players in the world. Only Kylian Mbappe and Erling Holland are ahead of Bellingham. He is also number 1 in the German Bundesliga and also number 1 in the central midfield position. In particular, the ransom of 100 million euros (approximately 141.3 billion won) is called the ‘wall of evil’ that even world-class players cannot easily overcome, and Bellingham is the only teenager who has exceeded 100 million euros.메이저사이트

That’s why Bellingham’s talent is evaluated as the best ever. He is already evaluated as a complete player as he has all the talents a player born in 2003 should have as a central midfielder. In the UK, some say that he is a combination of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard.

Bellingham once again proved his worth at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He came out as England’s main midfielder and performed at his best. Showing his presence comparable to Harry Kane, he once again proved that his talent is also effective on the global stage. Bellingham’s performance is running rampant even after the World Cup.

Now everyone’s attention is on Bellingham’s destination. Bellingham are one of the most promising names to heat up the transfer window this summer. At the beginning of the transfer rumor, there was a story that Liverpool was strong, but now the situation has changed. The British ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 29th, “Manchester City and Real Madrid are strong candidates to sign Bellingham.”

However, questions remain as to whether Dortmund will sell Bellingham this summer. In the case of Elling Holland, there was a buyout clause, but Bellingham is known to have no buyout clause. If the offers from Manchester City and Real are unsatisfactory, Dortmund have no reason to sell Bellingham.

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