The women’s game for foreigners is the exact opposite of the men’s.토스카지노

On the afternoon of the 12th (Korean time), the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) held a schedule for the second day of the 2023 women’s foreign player tryout at Hasan Doan Sport Complex in Turkey, Istanbul. A total of 33 people, an increase of 2 from 31 the day before, appeared on the court, and two local setters were hired to conduct the test.

The meeting between the coaches and the players who had played the evaluation match was held in a friendly atmosphere. We narrowed the distance by asking and answering questions to each other. The players emphasized that their physical condition is not 100% as the season is over. He said that although he trained with weights, the sense of the game was inevitably absent.

The coaches explained that they are looking for players who can adapt to the Korean volleyball style that emphasizes defense as well as the unique culture of strong bonds with teammates. Athletes who are vegetarian or who do not eat certain foods for religious reasons were also checked.

After the meeting, each club had to convey its intention to renew the contract with the existing foreign player, and Heungkuk Life Insurance was the only one who chose to accompany Yelena Mrazenovic (26, Bosnia).

Yelena, who debuted in the V-League wearing a KGC Ginseng Corporation uniform in the 2021-2022 season, played an active part in Heungkuk Life Insurance last season. Yelena built a pair of guns with Kim Yeon-kyung and ranked 3rd in scoring with 821 points and recorded an attack success rate of 42.79% (4th place). The serve also ranked second with 0.25 per game, adding strength to Heungkuk Life Insurance’s regular league championship.

Heungkuk Life coach Marcello Abondanza expressed his faith in Yelena, saying, “Yelena is a player who can grow and grow. I have already decided to renew the contract. I want to win the championship with this member.”

Unlike Catherine Bell (registered name Ketval) of Korea Expressway Corporation, Letechia Moma Bassoko (registered name MoMA) of GS Caltex, and IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, Santana was not selected by her team, who applied for tryouts while only Yelena was successful in renewing her contract. couldn’t

The situation in the women’s division has flowed in the exact opposite direction from that in the men’s division. In the men’s division, four teams, including Korean Air, Korea Electric Power Corporation, OK Financial Group, and KB Insurance, chose to renew contracts with existing foreign players. Next, Hyundai Capital selected Ikbairi, who played for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance last season, and Yosubani, who played for OK and Korean Air in the past, for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, and chose ‘V-League Experienced Person’. Only Woori Card nominated Matei Kok, a new face.

Among the female foreign players who applied for the tryout, there was no clear player, so the worries continued, and only Heungkuk Life Insurance chose to renew the contract, making the competition between the other 6 clubs more intense. With Banja Bukirich (24, Serbia, 1m98) and Dalira Palma (24, Cuba, 1m93) receiving attention, the final draft will be held after the final evaluation match on the 13th.

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