Can we see the name of Goyang Carrot in ‘Spring Basketball’? And how will the signboard of Carrot change in the coming summer? everything is a question mark

Day One Sports (Day One), the operator of Carrot, said in an interview with this magazine on the 7th, “Since the end of last year, we have been seeking a new acquisition company to serve as the parent company and are negotiating.” Considering that the founding ceremony was held at the end of August, the club was on the brink of extinction before half a year had passed.안전놀이터

It has already been a club that has been followed by all kinds of question marks since its foundation. The acquisition of Day One took place right after Goyang Orion (predecessor of Carrot) was eliminated in the semifinal playoffs (PO) last spring. Immediately after the announcement of the sale, Day One nominated former national team coach Heo Jae as its representative, and recruited coach Kim Seung-gi, who led the championship twice at Anyang KGC, as the first coach, drawing attention. Jeon Seong-hyun, the best shooter in the league, was also recruited as a free agent (FA).

Beneath the colorful signboards were full of loopholes. In June of last year, the Korean Basketball League (KBL) was reviewed for new member companies, but it caused controversy by submitting poor data. Day One’s financial stability became an issue, and the approval to join was barely made after being put on hold.

Leakage was greater than power reinforcement. Shooter Jeon Seong-hyun was recruited, but Lee Seung-hyun, the league’s best big man, left the team and headed to Jeonju KCC. Lee Dae-seong, who was the main scorer, moved to Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, but Carrot chose cash rather than a reward player. After sending out two all-stars, it became the appearance of filling only one new face and ’emergency’.

Financial problems continued to haunt Carrot. Day One said they would pay 500 million won out of the 1.5 billion won special KBL membership fee by October 7 last year, but failed to meet the deadline and paid it in full right before the opening. Then, he delayed the wages of the players and the secretariat, which were paid on the 5th of every month, until the 13th of last month, and finally paid them. This month, too, the monthly payment was completed only on the 10th.

The deepening financial instability is due to the financial difficulties of Day One’s parent company, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction. Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction also suffered wage arrears and subcontract delays, and eventually the court made a decision on the 6th to initiate corporate rehabilitation procedures. This is the background that made Carrot, less than six months after its founding, decide to resell.

Even in the shaky team situation, the Carrot team is struggling. As of the 23rd, they are in the PO advance with 22 wins and 20 losses (5th in the regular league). Jeon Seong-hyun is challenging for the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award, recording an average of 19 points (1st in Korea) and 158 3-point shots (1st overall, 39.5% success rate). Manager Kim Seung-gi also said, “Even though the salary was a bit late, they gave it all. (CEO Jae-Heo) also said, ‘It will get better’, and my role is to keep the players from being agitated.”

Second-year guard Lee Jung-hyun became the ‘focused target for training’ of coach Kim Seung-gi. He recorded a cumulative playing time of 1430 minutes and 11 seconds this season (first overall) and is active as a mainstay of the team. Although there are ups and downs due to his young age and his increasingly important role as the main ball handler, he maintains his spirit of improvement and incorporates coach Kim’s teachings.

In a phone call with this magazine, Lee Jung-hyun said, “I am grateful that I, who is only in my second year as a pro, can receive so many opportunities. The coach laughed and said, “(Not only when I was sluggish) from the beginning of the season, he was always strict.” During the break in February, when there are no games, I want to manage minor injuries and show good performance in March, when there are 12 games.

” “It’s true”, but “We are all professional players. Now is the time to compete for the 6th round, and there are many important games. I will focus on each game and only think about doing my best.”

The issue of special dues is currently ongoing. Day One must pay the remaining balance of 1 billion won by the 31st of the following month. A Carrot official said in a phone call with Ilgan Sports, “Park No-ha, CEO of management, is struggling to raise funds. From the club’s point of view, the sale can proceed only when the basketball team is saved.” “As much as you said, we will raise funds in any form,” he said.

KBL issued a warning at the extraordinary general meeting held on the 16th, saying, “We have reaffirmed that we will not allow Carrot to participate in the round of 6 PO if he fails to pay the remaining 1 billion won in special dues.” If Carrot is unable to participate, the next ranked team will advance to the PO instead.

However, it is difficult to be optimistic about the possibility of full payment of Carrot in the current situation where even wages have been delayed. As the parent company is faltering, there are no cards that can definitively reverse the situation. If the parent company loses its ability to invest and fails to pay subscription fees and fails to sell, it may have to assume the worst case scenario. It is best to resell after somehow preparing a special membership fee. Depending on Day One’s progress, the struggle of the Carrot team, the PO structure this spring, and the game of the professional basketball system may be influenced. 

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