Park Moo-bin and Yu-gi-sang, who joined forces, pledged victory. 

The Korea-Japan University Basketball Tournament will be held for the first time in 4 years since 2019. Hanyang University coach Jung Jae-hoon will lead the team, and Myongji University coach Kim Tae-jin and Korea University coach Kim Tae-hong will add strength. 

As the best players in the university gathered, Park Moo-bin and Ki-sang Yoo, captains of Korea University and Yonsei University, were also included in the list. Park Moo-bin is faithfully fulfilling the core role of Korea University, and Ki-sang Yoo is leading Yonsei University with accurate shooting. 

Currently, Park Moo-bin is injured in the groin area. In addition to this, on weekdays, he spends his days without blinking his eyes while digesting teaching practice for college graduation. 

Park Moo-bin, whom I met after completing convocation training at Hanyang University on the 29th, said, “The condition is not bad. I tested the injured part, but it is said that it is because I used a lot. I started exercising again today. I am worried because I have never been a teacher.” 

The organic phase is also in poor condition. Ki-sang spends the most time on business trips in his team, and from this season, he not only scores points but also participates in game management, and he is under a lot of physical pressure. Yugi-sang, like Park Moo-bin, is also scheduled to practice teaching from next week. 

Yoo Ki-sang said, “I played for about 20 minutes at the beginning of the season, and then injured people in the team came out, so I unintentionally played a lot. However, I remember playing a lot last season, so there is no sense of difference. Many people say that I am a shooter, but starting from this season, it became an opportunity. We are also running the game,” he said. 

Park Moo-bin and Yu-gi-sang are captains of Korea University and Yonsei University, which are said to be the university’s best rivals. Although the two players have always fought fiercely, they joined forces to win the Korean University selection. This is the first time the two players will play together in the same uniform. 

Park Moo-bin said, “Before that, I thought that I wanted to play with (Yu) Ki-sang. It was regrettable that I was not given such an opportunity, but I am happy and excited to play together this time. As I played the season well without injury and was in my 4th year, I would like to have two in the draft. I hope there will be good results.”  크크크벳

Yoo Ki-sang also said, “I didn’t have a chance to play with (Park) Moo-bin because I wasn’t from a national team by age group, but this is the first time I’m running together. I will,” he promised. 

Park Moo-bin and Yu-gi-sang will play together for three days from the 19th to the 21st, and then return to their respective schools. After that, on the 25th, the two players will wear different uniforms and play a rival match. The determination of the two players will also be different. 

Park Moo-bin said, “It’s new to be together now, but I think it will feel new again when I go back to my original place. But it’s a natural thing to go through when you go to the pros, and I hope both of you play well without injury. Both have a strong desire to win, but the result that day I’ll think about it that day,” he said. 

Yoo Ki-sang, who lost all four times to Korea University last season, must be more determined.

Yoo Ki-sang said, “It is important that (Park) Moo-bin does not have injured players. It is unfortunate that so many injured players have come out. I will prepare well for the rest of the period and do well at Korea University. In my freshman and sophomore years, I always won against Korea University, but I felt a lot from losing last year. 

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