The ‘Lim Young-woong effect’ continues in the professional soccer K-League. In response to Lim Young-woong’s request, “Please love the K-League a lot,” Lim Young-woong’s fan club ‘Heroic Age’, which consists mainly of female fans in their 40s and 50s, is constantly looking for K-League stadiums.

Lim Young-woong, a ‘popular singer’ who is known to like soccer, performed at the K-League match between FC Seoul and Daegu FC in April.

As a result, 45,007 cloud spectators entered the game that day. She was the largest spectator in domestic professional sports since the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

This was just the beginning. At the time, Lim Young-woong told her fans, “Please continue to love the K-League a lot in the future,” and ‘Heroic Age’ is actively practicing this.

In order to be considerate of the home teams, the heroic era Daegu branch, which focused only on cheering for the home team without wearing the symbolic color sky blue, hosted Daegu home games such as Daejeon Hana Citizen on April 22 and Pohang Steelers on May 9 for Daegu FC, which was an away team at the time. Every group went to the stadium and cheered.

The Age of Heroes at the Incheon Stadium (provided by Incheon United)

It is not limited to Seoul and Daegu. Fans of the Heroic Age who encountered the K-League in Seoul returned to their hometowns and started looking for the stadiums of their respective teams.

On April 27, at the Youngseo Branch of the Heroic Age, they visited Gangwon FC’s home game, filled a corner of the crowd, and cheered for Gangwon with orange mufflers.

In the match between Incheon United and Jeonbuk Hyundai held on May 14, about 80 fans of the Age of Heroes visited the stadium and enjoyed the K-League.

Heroic Era even made its own cheering clapper with blue and black, Incheon’s symbolic colors, and the Incheon emblem.스포츠토토

An official from Incheon said, “Before the game, they asked for a group viewing. After the game, they set an example and cleaned up all the rubbish from the spectator seats, etc., and the ‘Heroic Age’ stories are pouring in.”

He continued, “It is a positive thing if more people can enjoy the K-League through the influx of new fans.”

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