‘248 days.’

This is the period in which Arsenal maintained its lead in the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-2023 season. In the words of Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta, “I stayed at the top of the league ladder for the remaining nine and a half months, minus one month out of the ten and a half months of the league schedule.” It is a move that is not unreasonable even if he becomes the owner of the league.

However, 248 days was not enough to fulfill Arsenal’s long-cherished wish. Arsenal lost 0-1 against Nottingham held at the Nottingham City Ground in England on the 21st, ending their first championship in 19 years since 2004.

This is because Arsenal (81 points) has one game left, and the difference between them and Man City (85 points) widens to 4 points. Manchester City, who watched the game on TV while preparing for a home game against Chelsea on the 22nd, confirmed their 3rd consecutive victory and 9th championship in their career.

Arsenal also wrote a dishonorable record that will go down in history. It was the first place in the category of ‘the team that maintained the lead for the longest period without winning the EPL’. In the history of the EPL, when talking about flipping championships, he instantly surpassed Newcastle’s 212 days in the 1995-1996 season.

Arsenal are ranked 1st, 3rd and 5th in the TOP 5 in this category. Arsenal recorded 189 days in the 2002-2023 season and 156 days in the 2007-2008 season before winning the undefeated championship.

Arsenal created a sensation from the beginning of this season with the growth of young resources and the unique tactics of coach Mikel Arteta.

Winger Bukayo Saka, attacking midfielder Martin Odegaard, defender William Saliba and goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale performed at the top of the league in each position.

Transfer student Gabriel Jesus, fullback Oleksandr Zinchenko, midfielder Jorginho and winger Leandro Trossar contributed their strength.

After opening, they ran 5 consecutive wins. After losing to Manchester United, they won 4 consecutive wins again, and after drawing with Southampton, they ran 5 consecutive wins again. In the process, they beat Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea in turn. In 19 games that turned the season halfway point, they suffered only one loss. There was a saying that winning the championship was a certainty. Most experts also predicted Arsenal’s victory. Except for ‘Man United legend’ Gary Neville.먹튀검증

However, the first crisis came when they lost to Everton and then to Man City in early February. After that, it seemed to overcome with seven consecutive wins, but it was shaken by recording three consecutive draws in the 30th to 32nd rounds. The final blow was a 1-4 loss to Manchester City in the 33rd round ‘final’. In the end, he allowed Man City, who was on an 11-game winning streak, to reverse.

Arsenal, who lost 0-3 against Brighton in the last round and virtually lost the momentum to win, shook their heads in Nottingham, unable to overcome the winning goal allowed by Tywer Awonii in the 18th minute of the first half.

Coach Arteta said, “It’s a very sad day. There are many emotions. We built up passion and faith that we could win, but it was not enough. Now we have to heal the very painful title failure that the players will feel.” He also did not forget to congratulate Man City on winning the championship.

Meanwhile, Manchester City became the second team to win three consecutive titles after Manchester United in the EPL Era. They have won 5 of the last 6 seasons and re-proven that they are the best in the league. It also increased the possibility of treble. Manchester City are left with Inter Milan in the European Champions League final and Manchester United in the FA Cup final.

Manchester City will receive a ‘Guard of Honor’ from Chelsea players at the Etihad Stadium on the 22nd.

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