“It’s embarrassing”.

KIA Tigers closer Jeong Hae-young (22) had a special experience of winning a save with one ball.

Jung Hae-young took the mound as the last pitcher in the game against the Lotte Giants held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 30th and defended a 6-3 victory.토토사이트

He didn’t seem to be able to climb. He led 6–0 even into the seventh inning. However, in the 8th inning Jang Hyun-shik gave up 2 runs. In the ninth inning, Choi Ji-min was hit in a row from the first batter and was driven to the 1st and 2nd bases safely.

Jung Hae-young, who had been watching the game leisurely, began to warm up. Choi Ji-min led Ahn Kwon-soo into a double hit for the second baseman and seemed to escape the crisis. However, he got a right-handed hit from Jung-hoon and allowed the third point.

The next hitter was Jeon Jun-woo, number 4. Pitching coach Seo Jae-eung went up to the mound and announced Jung Hae-young’s pitching. Jung Hae-young, who got on the mound, used the slider for the first pitch. Jeon Jun-woo’s bat came out powerfully, but it went high in the infield as it missed.

Shortstop Park Chan-ho lightly caught the ball and finished the game. It was the moment when he made his 10th save of the season with one ball. From the game on the 28th, he took the mound in the 9th inning in 3 consecutive matches and vomited his spirit to win 3 consecutive saves.

This was the first time he had saved three days in a row in the series. The game on the 28th allowed one point, but kept a 6-5 victory, and the game on the 29th led to a scoreless 4-1 victory. From the opening to the middle of the season, it was a sweep save that seemed to be rewarded for the mental suffering caused by the severe decline in pitch and sluggishness.

Before the game, coach Kim Jong-guk welcomed the recovery of the pitch, saying, “Although we allowed on base, there were few hits. We throw a lot of fastballs, but the bat moves even if we know how to hit them.”

He threw a fastball with a speed of up to 147 km, a slider and a fork, showing off the versatility of his pitches and successfully returning as a closer pitcher. He’s a late 10-year-old, but with a lot of games left to play, he’s got a foothold to start towards the 20-save notice.

After the game, Jung Hae-young said, “I threw a slider. If I had thrown a fastball, I would have hit a home run. It’s embarrassing.” Only now was he self-blame for making 10 saves. He also said, “This is the first time I have saved three days in a row and saved one ball. I will work hard to save in the future.”

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