KIA Tigers young catcher Han Jun-su (24) is attracting attention as to whether he will grow into a next-generation starter.바카라사이트

Han Junsu was called up to the first team for the first time this year on June 25th. It was the first team in four years since digesting 20 at-bats in 2019, his second year as a pro. He could not cross the wall of the 1st team and finished his military service as an active duty soldier while playing in the 2nd team. He joined the Futures team at the end of last year with a discharge and took the opportunity to play as the main catcher.

He showed off a 3.9 Lee hitting on the Futures team. He rarely gets a chance to show off his skills, but on July 5, he participated in the Incheon game against SSG Landers and played his part in air defense, leading to a 17-3 victory. He wore a mask as the 8th starting catcher and worked perfectly with Yoon Young-cheol. In the at-bat, he wielded 3 hits and 3 RBIs in 5 at-bats, including a timely hit, a double hit, and a home run. It was a blow that showed sophistication and even power.

He showed the presence of the 1st designated player in 2018. This year, as the catcher became a vulnerable position, he was an outstanding performance for KIA, who struggled with catcher difficulties. His catch and blocking were also stable. His shoulder was also strong enough that he sat down and threw to second base. His reliable physique (184cm 95kg) was also perfect. A 24-year-old promising catcher who had completed military service appeared.

Coincidentally, it was the day the Samsung veteran catcher Kim Tae-gun (34) was traded. Kim Tae-gun was unable to wear a mask as he arrived right before the game because he was traveling from Pohang to the stadium, Incheon. Instead, he acted as a pinch hitter in the top of the ninth inning, hit a sacrifice fly, and went to catcher defense in the bottom of the ninth inning. It was a taster of the week. KIA fans also cheered.

To put it mildly, for Han Jun-su, it was a trade that lost his chance to be the starting pitcher. Maybe it taught me what the world of pros is. After that, Han Junsu only kept the bench for 4 games in a row and supported the play of his seniors and juniors. He expected to be given a pinch hit or a great defense opportunity at least once in the second half of the game, but it did not come true.

Starting from the Incheon SSG game on the 6th, Kim Tae-gun kept his home until the end of the game from the 7th to the 9th Suwon KT 3 match. It can be interpreted as a situation in which more pitchers have to receive the ball in order for the new catcher to adapt quickly. Han Jun-su couldn’t keep up the momentum of his hot performances, but the first-team baseball he sees at the dugout is definitely a study.

What is clear is that we need to nurture Han Jun-su as the next-generation main catcher. Once he has been selected as the second catcher, once Kim Tae-goon finishes adapting, he will be given a selection opportunity, although it is not often. It is difficult for Kim Tae-gun to be responsible for all 6 games a week as he is old. He can also go out in the second half of the game to arrange his stamina. Not only Kim Tae-gun’s performance, but Han Jun-su’s growth plan is also a point to watch.

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