Tottenham made a big mistake in the process of negotiating the transfer, and could miss the recruits they thought they had. 

Reporter David Ornstein of the British media The Athletic reported on the 30th (Korean time) that “Pedro Poro’s trip to Tottenham has been canceled after Sporting rejected the offer from Tottenham.” 

Pedro Poro is the right-back full-back that Tottenham have been trying to recruit the most in the transfer market this winter.

Tottenham, where Emerson Royale and Matt Doherty are not playing their part in this position, planned to seek a turnaround in the second half by recruiting a high-quality defender from Sporting in the Portuguese first division and a prisoner with excellent offensive talent.

At the beginning of the transfer market, the difference 메이저사이트 between Sporting and Tottenham over the amount of money seemed to break down, but recently, negotiations progressed rapidly as Tottenham announced its intention to pay 45 million euros (about 60 billion won), known as the prisoner’s buyout amount. 

The transfer party, Poro, said goodbye to the fans after the game against Porto on the 28th, and the recruitment seemed to be finished, but the contract between the two clubs broke at the last minute of the transfer market and is now in danger of being canceled. 

Portuguese media Hekord said, “Tottenham made the offer past the buyout deadline,” explaining why the transfer was in danger of being canceled even though Tottenham expressed its intention to pay the amount corresponding to the buyout. 

“The buyout of the captives was not throughout the winter transfer window,” said Hekord. ) is effective,” he explained.

However, Tottenham presented the initial offer after the 15th of this month. Sporting seems to have turned down an offer from Tottenham at the end of the transfer window in order to receive a higher amount rather than a buyout amount. 

First of all, it is Tottenham’s big mistake. I decided to pay the amount corresponding to the buyout amount, but I couldn’t make a quick decision.

In the end, if the additional amount was not paid, the recruitment of prisoners could be canceled.

It can be said that Sporting also deceived the opponent to some extent, such as not discussing the buyout deadline precisely in the negotiations.  

However, the transfer has not yet completely collapsed. Reporter Ales Dier Gold of British media ‘Football London’ said on the 30th, “Tottenham are trying to revive the transfer even after Sporting changed the transfer conditions. The next 24 hours will be important.” predicted that there was 

In the meantime, another explanation comes from within Tottenham.

It is said that the reason why Tottenham did not bring a prisoner when he could present a buyout and bring him (until the 15th) was because it was a lump sum payment. It is interpreted that Tottenham did not have the ability to pay the prisoner’s buyout all at once or preferred to pay it in parts.

The winter transfer window closes at 8:00 am on the 1st of next month.

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