“Now, the first match of the manager’s debut was against Gamba Osaka (Japan) in the first leg of the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) group stage, with two goals from Cho Kyu-seong and one goal and one assist from Barrow, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors won 3-1 at home. How do you feel?”

“Yes. Kyu-Sung Cho did a really good job. However, now that he has to enlist in the military, other players are needed, and Barrow plays that role…”

In December 2020, when everyone was shrinking due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), training for P-level licenses, the highest level of leader certification, was being conducted carefully at a hotel in Ulsan.

At the time, the reporter was fortunate enough to become a daily lecturer for ‘Media Education-Interview Skills’ at the recommendation of the person who was conducting the P-license training. 27 leaders gathered at the meeting, including former Daejeon Hana Citizen coach Lee Tae-ho, Seoul City Hall coach Yoo Young-sil, current under-20 (U-20) national team coach Kim Eun-joong, and former A national team coach Choi Tae-wook.

Former Jeonbuk Hyundai coach Kim Sang-sik, who resigned voluntarily on the 4th, was also one of the trainees. At the time, coach Kim, who was the head coach of Jeonbuk, was determined to lead the team after coach Jose Morais.

Assuming that Jeonbuk beat Gamba, coach Kim changed his role as a participant in the press conference after the first game, and the rest of the students as reporters. A lot of questions poured in from each of them, such as how they selected players and how they would plan for the season. Director Kim ended the unofficial (?) directorial debut press conference with a witty answer.

The lengthy description of the situation at the time is that each of the 27 leaders who gathered at the meeting came to this position after building their careers. More than just tactics and strategies, after retiring from active duty, he acquired a lower-grade license and even reached the P license. Spending tens of millions of won (of course, since it is an investment made by an individual for the future, even if it is not meaningful to a third party), I learned a lot about sports physiology, leadership, marketing, and psychology.

The large number of subjects goes hand in hand with the expansion of the professional sports industry. In modern football, the era of taking responsibility for one game by the coach has long passed. Fans know that front desk support systems must be modern, scientific, commercial, and humane. No matter how much a leader learns, it is useless if there are executives who do not understand the industry. Conversely, leaders must also put themselves into the structure of the industry.

A leader who acquires a P license is so precious. It is not unrelated to the fact that Suwon Samsung recently sacked manager Lee Byeong-geun, and the management started looking for a holder of the P license, which is essential when conducting the bench (= Acting Choi Sung-yong was the holder). After retiring as a player, he joined the ranks of leaders and invested nearly 10 years until he became a manager, rejoicing in victory, bitter about defeat, sighing because he could not prevent the transfer of players he had to protect due to lack of funds, in front of fans shouting “win!” Through the accumulation of experience saying sorry, the birth of a leader called a master is continued.

Hong Myung-bo, the manager of Ulsan Hyundai, was like that. At the time of the 2006 World Cup in Germany, coach Dick Advocaat appointed coach Hong as a coach as a bridge between the players. He went through the national team by age group, cried with the players with the bronze medal at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, and shared joy with the bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics. In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he came in as a tinkering leader and suffered a hard time hiding after being eliminated from the group stage and resigning due to controversy outside the match.

After experiencing the Chinese Super League, coach Hong returned to the Korea Football Association as an executive director and walked the path of an administrator. He gave full trust to former head coach Kim Pan-gon, who was worried about the public opinion for appointing the national team coach, and as a result, coach Paulo Bento was appointed, resulting in the round of 16 of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. After that, he took over as manager of Ulsan Hyundai and experienced a painful 2nd place while listening to the sound of ‘Junsan’, and then enjoyed the joy of winning last year.

Everyone knows that leaders grow through ups and downs. Director Hong has accumulated such a life journey. He was criticized by the people, but with the victory in Ulsan, he became a hero who relieved the resentment and resentment of a long championship, at least to the citizens of Ulsan. In addition, while watching the football association’s ignorant administrative power, there are even fans who miss the system of coach Hong and former chairman Kim, so it is a great feeling. Of course, public opinion is a living thing, so there is a possibility that it will be divided according to his actions.

Director Kim Sang-sik was not from Jeonbuk from the start. For him, the Seongnam Ilhwa color was strong. As if he was kicked out due to the generational change of veterans, he moved from Seongnam to Jeonbuk in 2009 and contributed to his first league championship that year, serving as Jeonbuk’s green warrior, gaining experience as a coach and head coach, and then took the manager’s helm.

Coach Kim, a novice coach, manufactured the 2021 K-League championship. In 2022, they finished second in the K-League and won the FA Cup. Although he is clearly a person who has achieved results, his last name was not filled in front of Jeonbuk fans, whose eyes were raised as the club grew. He became a director with mixed likes and dislikes, and after struggling to endure the cries of “Kim Sang-sik get out!”, he finally took off his clothes.

Manager Kim had a clear team composition and long-term plan. The reason Cho Kyu-seong implicitly mentioned his enlistment in the P-License training was that there was a hidden consideration from coach Kim Cheon, who told him to finish his military service quickly and come back to play in peace. Cho Kyu-seong scored two goals against Ghana in the World Cup and became a national star. He has grown into a heavyweight, with the possibility of going to Europe being discussed.

However, there is no director Kim next to Cho Kyu-sung. Coach Doo-Hyun Kim took over the acting system. Coach Kim’s role was also possible as he obtained the P-License education qualification this year. There was a possibility that Jeonbuk would fall into a much more difficult situation because there is a deadline stipulated to be within 60 days even if a temporary conductor is conducted without a P license. First of all, it is Kim’s acting system, but it is self-evident that a new manager must be found quickly.

Since Jeonbuk is the championship team, the logic that the leader should fully accept this situation is certainly correct. The same is true of Suwon, which is still full of expectations that have not shaken off its past reputation. As much as they receive a lot of attention, the mindset of the leader must be different from that of the lower-tier teams. Leading clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​and Chelsea also held the manager responsible if they did not win the championship, and went through the process of parting ways.

However, in order to protect the manager from negative public opinion from the outside as much as possible even if the situation worsens after winning any competition, the club owner, representative, and general manager came forward to seek understanding through the media or in front of the fans. On the extension line, Jeonbuk or Suwon did not show even 1% of this. Although he issued an apology, fans did not understand and did not accept it.

Through coach Kim, a precedent was created in the K-League in the future where even if you win at least three years after taking office, if your grades go down again and you end up in the relegation zone, your lifeline will be cut. Even if director Kim’s strategy and tactics do not satisfy the fans’ hearts, even if sexual supremacy comes first, even if the leader himself is a temporary contract worker who is the life of Paris, the culture of minimum recognition and waiting will surely disappear with this incident. lost.

Former coach Lee Byeong-geun, who was sacked before coach Kim, will soon head to Japan. While watching J-League sites such as Kawasaki Frontale, where Jung Sung-ryong plays, he says that he will return with what he lacks and how much Japanese soccer has changed in his head.

After being sacked, he lost all matches between FC Seoul, Pohang Steelers and Daegu FC under the acting coach Choi Seong-yong. Coach Lee responded calmly, saying, “Actually, I wanted to play against Seoul and Pohang. There were definitely signs of improvement in performance. However, what came back was a hard notice. What can I do? I have to accept it.”

Director Kim Sang-shik is taking a break for the time being. I am physically and mentally exhausted and need recovery. An aide to coach Kim said, “He is a tough person on the outside, but he suffered really badly. Didn’t he receive all the criticism alone in blocking the bus? Physical and mental exhaustion reached its peak and he barely endured it.”

K-League clubs tend to change new leaders quickly. It is different from European leagues, domestic professional baseball, professional basketball, and professional volleyball, which re-appoint experienced leaders. There is a sad culture where even director Kim Hak-beom, who has accumulated a lot of experience and spends his own money to study abroad, treats even director Kim Hak-beom as an outcast. There are some views that see it as a luxury for a leader to have the time and opportunity to grow from a master to a master, to a hero, to a master, as he gains experience. That’s why it’s not easy to see K-Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger or Jurgen Klopp.

Anyway, the ball went to Jeonbuk CEO Heo Byeong-gil, Suwon CEO Lee Joon, and general manager Oh Dong-seok, who chose to ‘break up the manager during the season’. It is their turn to answer the fans’ cry, “Don’t hide behind the front desk,” with the secrets they accumulated while working for their respective parent companies. Resolving a crisis is also a skill. You have to show your ability to manage a professional sports team at a time like this. If you think that everything will be solved by appointing a new coach, you are mistaken. In the age of division of labor, directors must acknowledge that they are not wizards and move on.크크크벳

As for the average number of spectators this year for the two teams, Jeonbuk ranked 4th overall with 9,988 spectators in 6 games (59,927 total spectators), and Suwon ranked 6th with 8,458 spectators in 5 games (42,291 total spectators). Excluding FC Seoul (117,946 total spectators in 4 matches, average 29,487), Ulsan Hyundai (87,279 total spectators in 5 matches, average 17,456), 3rd It falls far short of Daejeon Hana Citizen (71,380 out of 5 matches, average 14,636).

It is not unreasonable to demand a sense of responsibility as a club that leads (had) Korean soccer in the present (Jeonbuk) and in the past (Suwon) as they have written a book of deadly drugs. Above all, the two clubs also increased their value through the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL). Is it a luxury to want people to feel the responsibility of a “global club” that embraces Korea and even thinks of Asia?

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