Correspondent Jang Kang-hoon] Doosan’s new foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle (27) has finally taken off his veil. It was neither normal condition nor perfect balance, but he was enough to attract attention.

Dylan pitched in the bullpen for the first time in the 토토사이트 spring camp, which resumed at the Blacktown International Baseball Center (Blacktown Stadium) in Australia on the 4th. He was originally scheduled to enter the bullpen on the first day, but he was delayed due to minor symptoms of gastroenteritis. He threw about 25, including set positions, but he did not throw 100% power because the purpose was to check his pitch. Even so, the power of the ball pushing through with the catcher’s mitt stood out. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “I wanted to check his pitch, but he looked good because it was his first day. He said his arm looked lower than when he saw it in the video, but I like it because it looks good in rotation.”

In addition to coach Lee, young hitters such as head coach Kim Han-soo, Koji Goto hitting coach, Kim Dae-han, Yang Chan-yeol, and Kim Min-hyuk flocked to the bullpen to watch Dylan pitch. He pitched alongside Raul Alcantara, and he showed off a pitch that wasn’t too far behind. Catcher Jang Seung-hyeon, who received the ball, said, “The ball has power. My arms were lower than I thought, but they said they intentionally changed them.”

Dylan is known to be the type to deal with batters with control and rapid control rather than fastballs. When he opened the lid, his fastball was also good. Dylan said, “It is a pitch that checks the pitching feeling,” but “I will focus on improving the accuracy of the slider for the next pitching in the bullpen.” He said, “It felt good. I especially like the KBO league official ball. It felt a bit smaller than the ball used in the United States, and it felt a little smaller, and the stitches stood out, so it seems to be helpful for commanding a breaking ball.”

Dylan, who uses a slider, changeup, and curveball, said, “My main weapon is the curveball. Since he was an amateur, he focused on putting all the pitches he could throw into the strike zone and finding the right balance. “Recently, he’s been working on the mechanics of building up his velocity, and once he’s got his velocity up to the desired level, he’s focused on maintaining it,” he said. Rather than being a skilled player, he showed a willingness to evolve into a pitcher with pitch control.

The ‘dropped arm’ pointed out by director Lee was also a planned change. “If you pitch with the same angle and arm speed, you are more likely to be analyzed by the hitter,” Dylan said. It’s not a big deal, but I think it will help the team if you change the arm height to avoid the hitters’ goals.” He said, “I was close to Josh Lindblom, so I heard a lot of good things about the KBO League. It may not be as good as Lindblom, but I want to achieve results comparable to that of Lindblom. To do that, your team needs to win as many victories as possible. That way, I will have more chances to get on the mound.”

Dylan, who is most angry about allowing a hit after failing on the mound, said, “I plan to try to adapt quickly to the culture of the KBO League. Every league has a unique culture, so we will start by respecting that culture.”

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