It is an unexpected release.

According to a report on the 18th (Korean time) by reporter Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Utah Jazz released Leandro Volmaro.

This is a somewhat unexpected evaluation.안전놀이터 Utah is a western mid-lower team on the rebuilding path, and it was certain that they would lower their rankings in the second half and work to gain a high nomination. This is also the background to the trade of starting point guard Mike Conley.

However, few would have expected that they would release the Volmaro on the 18th. This is because Volmaro is a promising shooting guard born in 2000, ranked 23rd in the first round of the 2020 draft. Volmaro, an Argentinian-Italian dual citizen, moved from Minnesota to Utah as part of the Rudy Gobert trade.

He has rarely been given a chance to play this season, but given the promise of Vol Maro, it is surprising that Utah cleared him rather early. He’s averaging 0.4 points and 0.6 rebounds per game all season, but that’s more of an issue with his playing in just 4.9 minutes per game than a matter of individual skill.

As such, the unfinished prospect Volmaro was released early and became a free agent. I wonder if a team will appear to recruit him. A resource coveted by teams preparing for the future rather than winnow teams. At the same time, a return to Europe is a scenario that is fully possible.

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