Real Madrid’s Federico Valverde assault case is getting bigger and bigger.

Valverde hit the face of opposing team Alex Baena in the parking lot outside the stadium after the match against Villarreal on the 9th. Baena immediately reported the assault to the police, and the case is currently under investigation. Local media predicted that in the worst case, Valverde could receive a severe punishment of suspension of business for up to six months. 온라인카지노

It was reported that Valverde’s assault on Baena’s face was for insulting his family. Currently, Valverde’s wife is pregnant, and Baena says, “Your son will not be born. If you are going to cry, cry now,” Valverde argued.

Baena, on the other hand, refuted that Valverde’s statement was a lie. Baena said, “They say I prayed for the death of the Valverde family. But there is no evidence to prove that I said it. Valverde and his entourage are lying.”

He even went as far as Valverde’s wife. Mina Bonino posted on social media on the 11th, “God knows. There are lines that must not be crossed, and not everything can be done, even in football.”

Meanwhile, Baena also revealed that his family was receiving death threats. On social media, Baena said, “I have received threats, insults and even messages wishing me and my family the death of my family. Justice will prevail. My only goal right now is to focus on my job and help my club achieve its goals.”

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