Rodrigo Bentancur’s absence is expected to be prolonged.

Ben Tancour was injured while competing with his opponent in the 23rd round of the English Premier League (EPL) against Leicester City on the 12th (Korean time). Bentankur, who fell on the ground, was unable to get up for a while, and eventually left the field with a limp on his leg while being supported by medical staff. As a result of the examination, it was confirmed that Bentancur suffered an anterior cruciate ligament tear injury, and he was put on the operating table. He was also ruled out for the season.

Bentancur’s rehabilitation was expected to take six months. This was expected to some extent because the anterior cruciate ligament tear was one of the serious injuries. Fortunately, his surgery went well. Reporter Alesdair Gold, who is dedicated to Tottenham in England’s ‘Football London’, reported that Bentancur had successfully completed the surgery. It can’t be helped that he couldn’t digest the remainder of the season,

but Tottenham fans waited for Bentancur to return as soon as possible. The news is that Bentancur’s recovery will take longer than expected.스포츠토토

Multiple media outlets such as Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘The Sun’ reported that Bentancur could miss up to at least nine months, which means that Bentancur will not be able to play at the beginning of next season. When doing simple calculations, Bentancur will return in November at the earliest. It is a story that it will take nearly three months to return even after the 2023-24 season begins. Also, as the media use the expression ‘at least’, Bentancur’s colon could be even longer. Reporter Gold also explained that Bentancur would be out of action for seven to nine months.

It is an emergency for Tottenham. Tottenham, who used Bentancur and Pierre-Emile Hoivier as their midfield combination, are currently struggling to fill Bentancur’s void. With Yves Bisuma injured, he can spend the rest of the season with Hoivier, Pape Sar, and Oliver Skip right away, but with the news that Bentancur’s return will be delayed, he must recruit a player to replace Bentancur in the summer transfer market. It is Tottenham to do.

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