LG is a strong bullpen team. 3.28 in 2021 and 2.89 last year, ranking first in bullpen ERA for two consecutive years. Even though the domestic starters are relatively weak, they are called champion candidates and are confident in their goal of winning because they believe that the strength of the bullpen can offset the weaknesses of the starters.

But this year the bullpen is faltering. As the finisher Go Woo-seok left again, the back door was in an emergency again.

Ko Woo-seok, who had injured his shoulder while preparing for the World Baseball Classic (WBC), was away due to back pain this time. Go Woo-seok, who collapsed with 3 hits (1 home run), 2 walks and 4 runs in 0.1 inning against KIA on April 30, received a checkup the next day and was excluded from the entry. LG said, “I was told that I needed to rest for more than a week,” but in reality, it is expected that it will take more than three weeks to return.

The back door was again left unattended. LG had to endure May with a collective finishing system.

After excluding Go Woo-seok from the entry on the 1st, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “I think it will be difficult to decide who will be the finisher in the current situation. Among the four pitchers, depending on the situation, I try to put them in a save situation by taking turns according to the opponent.” Jung Woo-young, Lee Jeong-yong, Park Myeong-geun, and Kim Jin-seong form the group finisher.

With the opening of this season, which started without Go Woo-seok, LG entrusted Lee Jung-yong with the temporary finishing touches. Since Go Woo-seok won’t be away for long, Lee Jeong-yong, one of the two successive fighters, was put in the back door. However, Lee Jung-yong’s pitch is not good.

The LG bullpen recorded an average ERA of 3.70 for the month of April. This is the best figure after SSG (2.44). However, there are 8 blown saves. Most of the 10 clubs. Lee Jeong-yong recorded 5 out of 8. In the third time, he played as a finisher instead of Ko Woo-seok, but even after Ko Woo-seok returned, he made two blown saves in the middle. Ko Woo-seok was again excluded, but it seems difficult to entrust Lee Jung-yong to finish the battle.

The temporary finish must eventually come out of the pilseungye tujo. However, Kim Jin-seong (two) and Park Myung-geun (one) also experienced blown saves. Jung Woo-young has a high ERA of 4.22. The batting average was 0.298, which was very high compared to last year (0.230).안전놀이터

In LG, Lim Chan-gyu, who should be in charge of long relief in the middle, is moving to the starting lineup to fill the gap left by Lee Min-ho’s injury. Right-hander Baek Seung-hyeon is also out with an injury, so Ko Woo-seok was excluded again while waiting for the return of the injured pitcher, managing the system with difficulty.

LG finished in 3rd place with a record of 15 wins and 11 losses during the month of April. Compared to having played more than half of the match without starter Lee Min-ho and finisher Go Woo-seok, he endured well. With Go Woo-seok returning, I thought that mound calculation would be relatively easy from now on, but Go Woo-seok was injured again. LG’s May has also become a time to endure.

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