In golf, the Masters tournament has the highest tradition and honor among the four major tournaments. The Masters Tournament held at Augusta National Golf Club in the U.S. in April is literally the ‘artisan competition’ with the best players participating. In tennis, there are tournaments called Masters. If the Masters is the best tournament in golf, the Masters in tennis is just below the four major tournaments. It is a tour event with status and authority next to the four majors such as Wimbledon and the ATP Finals. (Refer to this corner #915, ‘Why do we say ‘tour’ in tennis’) The

etymology of the word ‘Masters’ is ‘Magister’ in Latin. Masters is the plural of master. Originally, master means head, teacher, director, master. From the ancient times of the West to the pre-modern era, it was mainly used in master-servant relationships based on differences in social status. It meant a master who had servants, servants, slaves, etc. In modern times, master was used as a general noun meaning a craftsman who learned a certain skill or content. When used as a verb, ‘mastered’ means mastery or proficiency. The German word ‘Meister’ also includes the meaning of master, so it can be seen that it actually means the same thing. In martial arts, a person called a master means a master. In addition, master is also used to mean a master’s degree between a doctorate and a bachelor’s degree. It should be said that the word master, which has multiple meanings, essentially contains the meaning of the best. (See Episode 93 of this corner, ‘Why do they say ‘Masters’?)

According to the Naver News Library, it was after the 1970s that the word Masters first appeared as a sports article in the Korean media. The Chosun Ilbo, April 15, 1970, article titled ‘American Casper Championship’ article, ‘[Augusta (Georgia) = AP Donghwa] Billy Casper of the United States was the world’s largest player on the 13th. He won the Masters Golf Tournament, a golf tournament, with a total of 9 under par 279, and received a prize money of 25,000 dollars and a green jackcat, which is said to be worth 1 million dollars in the golf world. In the 18-hole overtime match that day, Kasper defeated the tie-breaker, Gene Reedler, by 5 strokes.
◇Masdas Golf Score ① Millie Casper 279 (72,68,68,71) ② Jean Littler 279 (69,70,70,70) ③ Gary Fulllayer 280 (74,68,6870) ⑦ Zachney Krauss 284 ⑫ Haya Gomyeong 288 ㊱ (㊱) Arnold Palmer 295′.

According to Namu Wiki, the Tennis Masters tournament is organized by the Professional Tennis Association (ATP). Although the tournament itself has changed, it has been held since 1970 as a larger event than the regular tour. The number of applicable competitions was flexible, but since 1979, it has been fixed that 9 competitions are held a year as it is now.
It was held from 1978 to 1989 under the name of the ‘Grand Prix Super Series’, and was renamed the ‘ATP Championship Series’ in 1990, establishing it as a more prestigious event than other ATP Tour events. Prior to 1990, it was treated as a large-scale event compared to general tour events.
From 1996 to 1999 it was renamed ‘ATP Super 9’, and from 2000 to 2003 it was renamed the ‘Tennis Masters Series’. From 2004 to 2008, it was called the ATP Masters Series, and from 2009 it was called the ATP World Tour Masters 1000. From 2019, the name was changed again to ‘ATP Tour Masters 1000’. The number 1000 in the back is attached because the ATP ranking points given for winning are 1000 points, and ATP 500 tours that are lower than this give 500 points for winning.
Nine tournaments are held a year, and among them, except for the Monte Carlo Open, top rankers are obliged to participate unless a player is injured. In case of unauthorized absence, the ATP will impose a large fine on the athlete. The original official name is the name of the city and the name of the title sponsor. Masters 1000 Indian Wells Open, Masters 1000 Miami Open, Masters 1000 Monte Carlo Open, Masters 1000 Madrid Open, Masters 1000 Rome Open, Masters 1000 Canadian Masters, Masters 1000 Canadian Masters, Masters 1000 Cincinnati Open, Masters 1000 Shanghai Open, Masters 1000 Paris Open There are 9 competitions. 바카라사이트

The number of players participating in the finals is second only to Grand Slam events. The competition with the fewest number of players participating in the finals is 48, and there are also competitions with a maximum of 96 players. In the ATP Tour Masters 1000 tournament, about 1/16 of the players who have applied for the tournament are randomly selected by the organizers and invited as wild cards to participate in the finals, and 1/8 of the players in the finals are preliminaries. is a passerby About 13 out of 16 of the rest of the finalists are players who have received automatic qualifications for the finals based on world rankings. As of the end of 2022, Djokovic holds the record for the most wins in all-time Masters competitions with 38 victories.

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