Hong Chang-ki (30), who was praised as ‘a fortune that fell to LG’ and settled in the team’s leadoff position, was highly praised as a modern leadoff equipped with an extremely strong on-base percentage. The ever-increasing batting average and on-base percentage symbolized the growth of LG’s batting line in itself.카지노

Hong Chang-ki, who appeared brilliantly in 135 games in 2020 with a batting average of 0.279 and an on-base percentage of 0.411, played all 144 games in 2021 with a batting average of 0.328 and an on-base percentage of 0.456. He had the league’s best on-base percentage leadoff, to which he added 23 stolen bases. The first Golden Glove of his career also followed. Everyone thought Hong Chang-ki would be the first hitter in LG’s game for the next five years.

But in 2022, some brakes were taken. He had a batting average of 0.286 and an on-base percentage of just 0.390 in 118 games. He still had good grades, but he couldn’t satisfy those who had a taste for a .40 on-base percentage. When several season previews were noisy ahead of this season, Hong Chang-ki had a strong feeling that he was a bit behind. At the time of the season opener, Hong Chang-ki’s batting order was also number 9, not the familiar number 1.

Regarding the cause of Hong Chang-ki’s relative sluggishness last year, LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop analyzes, “Last year, he chased the ball. He lost his own while chasing the ball without his own zone.” Hong Chang-ki basically has a good pioneering plan, and his good pioneering strategy has led to his clear setting of the zone. However, what was urgent last year was that the season passed without him losing that advantage, which eventually became the cause of his poor performance.

However, Hong Chang-gi did not allow further downhill. He did well again this year, reclaiming his reputation as well as the league’s best leadoff title. As of the 3rd, he has a batting average of 0.325, 29 RBIs, and an on-base percentage of 0.448 in 75 games. His scoring production is also in the ‘Top 10’ in the league. The LG batting order also returned to the familiar pattern of solving the central batters after Hong Chang-ki went on base.

Coach Yeom, who recalled that Hong Chang-ki made a lot of effort to fix the problem from this year’s camp, said, “The hitting balance and the (swing) line are much better than before. As a result, if hit from behind, it goes to the left, and if it hits from the front, it goes to the right. So, the direction of the ball comes out as a spray,” he said. .

In fact, Hong Chang-gi’s walk rate, strikeout rate, and contact rate did not change dramatically. He is moving within the error range of his personal career. However, the reason why the results improved compared to last year is because the quality of contact has improved. The tracking data also shows that the batting speed has improved compared to last year, and that the ball is flying more as the swing line improves.

In addition, batting average for left-handed hits, which account for a significant portion, has improved significantly compared to last year. This symbolizes that it has a good swing mechanism that can hit a good ball even if it is hit from behind.

The LG batting line is the strongest in the league recognized by players and players this year. It is the undisputed number one in the offensive productivity index, with a large gap from the second place. Hong Chang-ki is the most trustworthy hitter among them. I don’t know if he’s his best hitter, but that’s because he’s the most consistent on-base and stable hitter.

Manager Yeom also said, “Hong Chang-ki is a hitter who can score more than 80 runs if he changes the batting order. It’s just that the number of runs reduced in number 1.” .Everyone gets hit and dies. In terms of batting skills, Hong Chang-ki is a player who has everything except long hits. His skills are superior,” he continued without hesitation. It was confirmed by Yeom’s smile that Hong Chang-ki was giving everyone confidence this season.

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