Asian quota system introduced for the first time in Korean professional volleyball. It seems that the outline of the players who will play for the 7 V-League men’s clubs has been established to some extent.

The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) decided to hold the men’s Asian Quarter Draft at Jeju Sun Hotel at 3 pm without the third practice game scheduled for 10 am on the 27th. It was a decision made after consultation with the managers of the seven men’s clubs.

It means that the players’ skills were sufficiently checked through the previous two evaluation matches. 24 players from 7 countries who applied for this tryout held two evaluation matches on the 25th and 26th at Jeju Halla Gymnasium.

On the 25th, when the first evaluation match was held, the movements of the players seemed rather sluggish. It seemed that the players were having difficulty adapting to the jet lag and the local environment.

However, the second evaluation match held on the 26th was different. He showed off his skills by playing more actively than the day before. A club official said, “The players showed much better play than the first day.”

In the morning before the second evaluation match, the managers and coaching staff of the seven men’s clubs had a meeting with the players. The coaches asked questions without missing a single detail, such as injury history, preferred position, physical fitness management method, and religion. He also asked intensive questions to interested players.

According to club officials who met on the spot, about five players who captured the hearts of the managers of seven men’s clubs through the two-day test were selected.

Mongolian middle blockers Bayar Saihan (25, 197cm) and Eddy (24, 198cm), who went to college in Korea and are fluent in Korean, are considered as the first candidates. Tsai Feichang (22, 203cm) from Taiwan caught the attention of the coaches as the tallest participant, and Japanese apogee spiker Otai Isei (28, 202cm) and Libero Iga Ryohei (29, 171cm) are also being mentioned as targets of interest. 크크크벳

The die has already been cast. All tests are over, now it’s time to choose.

In the Asian Quarter Draft, each club is equally allocated 10 marbles out of a total of 70 balls. Since the order of selection is determined by lottery with equal probability, everything must be left to chance.

The player nominated by the club will receive an annual salary of $100,000 (tax included) and will play in the V-League from the 2023-2024 season. It remains to be seen who will be selected by the 7 men’s clubs.

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