Durant unravels the trade-behind story.

Kevin Durant recently had an interview with ‘The Athletic’. Durant spoke about why he left the Brooklyn Nets.

The NBA trade market is always a hot potato. It was the same this season. At the center was the news of Durant’s trade. Durant, one of the best scorers in NBA history, was traded from Brooklyn to the Phoenix Suns. It was all the more surprising because it was an arbitrary trade.

Durant played in 129 games for Brooklyn, averaging 29.0 points, 7.1 rebounds and 5.8 assists, and assumed the absolute ace role. But he was getting tired of living in Brooklyn.

“I wanted to give my best every game,” Durant said. “So I really didn’t want the team to feel down. I’m not trying to prove that Brooklyn is a bad team. I wanted to prove that Brooklyn is a great team that cares about their players and does their best. But Things didn’t work out,” he said. 온라인카지노

He added, “Ever since I came back from an Achilles tendon injury, Brooklyn has always taken good care of me. I am so grateful. Whatever the outcome, Brooklyn and I will be connected as a family for the rest of our lives.”

Brooklyn challenged for the premiership by building the Big 3 centered on Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving. However, the Big 3 left only 16 games together, leaving regret. Eventually, Brooklyn began to drift away from winning.

The news of Irving’s trade also had a huge impact on Durant’s decision. Irving switched to the Dallas Mavericks before Durant was traded.

“I tried to figure out the direction of the team, but I couldn’t understand it, so I tried to make the best decision for me,” Durant explained.

With Durant’s addition, Phoenix quickly emerged as a strong championship contender. Durant, too, is dreaming of another championship ring.

“We’re focusing on how we can play better. How can we maximize our abilities every game,” Durant said.

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