Outfielder Park Geon-woo (33) of the pro baseball NC was excluded from the first-team entry. As it is the second group of the key hitter who accounts for a large part of the team’s power, attention was focused on the reason.카지노

On the 3rd, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced the status of registration and cancellation of first-team entries for 10 clubs. There were no players registered on the day, and a total of 10 players were excluded from the entry.

Among them, the name of Park Gun-woo stands out the most. Park Gun-woo left Doosan through an FA (free agent) contract last year and opened a new nest in NC. He signed a six-year contract for a total of 10 billion won (down payment of 4 billion won, total annual salary of 5.4 billion won, and incentives of 600 million won). Since his first season in NC, he has been active with a batting average of 3.3 6 Lee (137 hits in 408 at-bats) with 10 homers and 61 RBIs and 52 runs scored, establishing himself as a main player.

This year, he is showing a decent appearance with a batting average of 2.8 6 Lee (73 hits in 255 at-bats), 7 homers, 41 RBIs and 36 runs in 69 games. It is a bit disappointing compared to the steady appearance of recording more than 30% batting average for the last 8 consecutive seasons, but it is doing its part by tying for first place in the team in RBI. In the previous game against Suwon kt, he went 4 at bats and 2 hits.

Common reasons for expulsion from group 1 include injury and sluggish performance. First of all, looking at his recent performance, it is difficult to see the reason for Park Gun-woo’s expulsion from the 1st team as sluggishness. If so, it can be speculated that he was excluded from the first team due to a sudden injury.

However, the NC club explained, “The reason for Park Gun-woo’s expulsion from the first team is not an injury or condition problem.” He added, “There are no special incidents or accidents at all.” While the curiosity about Park Kun-woo’s 2nd Army is still unanswered, NC coach Kang In-kwon is expected to reveal the exact reason for this ahead of the Gocheok Kiwoom match on the 4th.

Park Gun-woo hit. yunhap news
NC is in 3rd place this season with 36 wins, 1 draw and 34 losses with a win rate of 50%. It is behind SSG in second place by 7.5 games, but it is on the rise compared to the last two seasons where it failed to advance to the postseason.

However, the recent atmosphere is not good. While sluggish with 2 wins and 8 losses in 10 games, they fell into a pit of 3 consecutive losses. 4th place Lotte is being chased by 0.5 games even in the midst of the recent two consecutive losses.

In a situation where an all-out war for the rebound is not enough, it is curious that Park Kun-woo, a key hitter, is excluded from the first team. As a result, opinions are being raised that Park Kun-woo may have acted to disrupt the team atmosphere. Speculation is pouring in that the decision was made by manager Kang In-kwon as a disciplinary measure. It remains to be seen whether NC will make a rebound in a cluttered atmosphere.

In the midst of this, a total of 10 players, including Park Kun-woo, were removed from the first team on the 3rd. Pitcher Song Young-jin (SSG), catcher Kim Dong-heon, outfielder Lim Byeong-wook (Lee Sang Ki-woom), outfielder Kim Dong-yeop, infielder Kim Ho-jae (Lee Sang-sam), pitcher Shin Jeong-rak, pitcher Choi I-joon (Lee Sang-Lotte), pitcher Nam Ji-min, and pitcher Jang Ji-su (Lee Sang-Hanwha).

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