Korea’s soft tennis (soft tennis), which competes with the world’s best, has started to nurture young players.

The Korea Soft Tennis Association 메이저놀이터 (Chairman Jeong In-seon) announced that it is conducting 11 days of winter joint training for young players in 2022 from the 26th of last month to the 5th in Sunchang, Jeonbuk. A total of 44 people, including 6 leaders, 2 dedicated management personnel, and 12 male and female elementary school students and 6 male and female middle school students selected from 18 elementary and middle schools nationwide, are undergoing training.

Athletes dreaming of future national team members receive joint training through various programs such as basic physical training, training by position, psychological training, self-stamina measurement evaluation, training in sports and regulations, and living Chinese. The training supervisor is Kim Ki-young, the leader of Sunchang Middle School, who directs the training.

Players are sweating at the Sunchang Multipurpose Stadium and Sunchang Middle Indoor Gymnasium where training can be conducted regardless of the weather, such as cold or heat. The training is conducted every year in August and January during summer and winter vacations with the support of funds from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the National Sports Promotion Corporation, and the cooperation of Sunchang-gun (Governor Choi Young-il) and Jeonbuk Association (Chairman Park Gyeong-man). Analysts say that during the training, Sunchang-gun also enjoyed economic effects such as 100 million won in lodging and rent every year.

On the 31st of last month, the Sunchang-gun Office Soft Tennis Business Group (director Hong Jeong-hyeon) conducted skill transfer to young players as a talent donation activity. In Sunchang, the youth national soft tennis tournament was held from January 13 to 18, and the University Federation Match will be held from the 17 to 21, and the national selection match will be held from the 26 to March 7.

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