“I don’t agree with the evaluation that

they are weak” KBL and WKBL are in the middle of the season, but amateur players, who can be said to be the roots of KBL and WKBL, are quenching for a new season.

Yang Jeong-jung, who ran with the goal of reaching the semifinals or higher, left regret in 2022. The big man resources were abundant, but the front lines did not help the big man Jin. Coach Jin Sang-won and Yang Jeong-joong, who took over in August 2021, said, “I came late in 2021. I went to about two competitions in 2021, but I can say that 2022 is the time when Yang Jung-jung took over in earnest. It takes time to understand the team. was necessary,” he said.

He continued, “The strength was height. The back line consisted of players taller than 195 cm and 190 cm. I expected a lot. I aimed for the semifinals or higher, but only reached the quarterfinals. We need a strong front line at the middle school level. They are more active than expected. I couldn’t do it. It was a bit disappointing.”

Yang Jung-joong’s team color is Motion Offense. It is a tactic that is not easy for middle school players to digest. Nonetheless, coach Jin Sang-won was looking far ahead for the future of the players.

“Yang Jeong-joong’s team color is motion offense. He solves it as much as possible with passes. Players must play basketball at college and professional levels. Results may not come out right away, but it is a necessary part. Players graduating in 2022 will enter high school So I’m adapting well. I decided that my method was right. Of course, the players had difficulty adapting until the summer. I also worried about ‘whether it’s right to insist on motion offense’. Fortunately, after the summer, the players started using motion offense little by little. I understand. There is also a part that I tried to compensate for the lack of basic skills with a lot of movements.”안전놀이터

However, there were some changes from 2022. The lower height, which was an advantage. Coach Jin Sang-won said, “2022 made me try to shoot confidently. “There is no big man. We have to change the team color. We will use the fast attack and early offense. We plan to operate the rotation with 8 people. Freshmen can also use about 2 people.”

Meanwhile, Yang Jeong-joong did not go to field training in 2023. He is concentrating on changing the team color with many practice matches.

“I didn’t go to field training in 2023. I’m focusing on changing the team color with a lot of practice games. I play at least 3 games a week. I go to other schools, and other schools come to our school. I paid attention to defensive training. “We have to overcome the inferiority in height. We thought about how to deal with tall opponents. We prepared a pressure defense that made use of mobility.”

Coach Jin Sang-won mentioned Kim Seung-hyun, Lee Hyun-woo, Oh Seung-hoon, and Byun Jae-hyun as noteworthy players. Kang Min-seong, who can only participate in some competitions due to a transfer penalty, was also mentioned.

“I’m really looking forward to (Kim) Seung-hyun, the captain. He has played as a starting pitcher since 2022. He will lead the team well. He’s great at scoring. He also scored 15+ points as a sophomore. He improved a lot during winter training. He plays a key role in practice matches. (Lee) Hyeonu is a tall guard resource. He transferred in 2022 and didn’t play for a year. He can play from April 2023. The will to do so is considerable.

He also has a basketball sense .” He didn’t even play club basketball. But he showed a desperate look. He is really sincere and hard working. I saw his talent and brought him. Although his basic skills are lacking, he is a player who raises the team’s energy level. (Byeon) Jaewoo is a sophomore. His self-confidence and skills dropped significantly before winter training. He showed the most growth in winter training. He’ll grow so much over the summer. He’s looking forward to it. (Kang) Min-seong transferred from college. “Unfortunately, he can only play in the individual championships due to the transfer penalty,” he added.

Lastly, “In 2022, I expected more than the semifinals. It’s a little disappointing that it finished in the quarterfinals. In 2023, I will give up my greed. I aim for the quarterfinals. The height is low, and the players’ pitch is short. At the beginning of the season, there were few “I can’t help but be confused by game experience. The first thing I always emphasize is defense. If you show good coordination in the defensive rotation and pressure defense, you can achieve better results than expected. I hope the players don’t think they are weak. Yang Jeong-joong is around. “I say weak. I don’t agree at all. Players should have the mindset that they can do it even if they face a strong team.”

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