Yonsei University announced a refreshing start to the season by defeating Konkuk University. 

Yonsei University won 94-67 in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League Konkuk University match held at Yonsei University Sinchon Campus on the 15th. 

Yonsei University, which won that day, reported its first victory in the tournament, avenging its loss in the playoffs last year. On the other hand, Konkuk University did its best until the end, but there was not enough time to overturn the score gap. 

This season, Yonsei University promoted coach Yun Ho-jin to full-time coach, giving stability to the team management. In addition, it is considered that the reinforcement of freshmen such as Kang Ji-hoon, Hong Sang-min, Lee Ju-young, Lee Chae-hyung, and Lee Hae-sol was well done.

In fact, it is a situation where each position is well balanced enough to form a team with 5 freshmen. At the same time, a synergistic effect was created with the existing Yugi-sang, Kim Bo-bae, Lee Gyu-tae, Ahn Seong-woo, and Lee Min-seo, showing a 180 degree difference from last year. 

Yonsei University, which led 18-14 in the first quarter, started scoring in earnest from the second quarter. Yoo Ki-sang’s 3-point shot and Ahn Seong-woo’s mid-range burst, and freshman Lee Joo-young also backed up with active scoring inside and outside. In the second half of the quarter, Yonsei ended the first half with Lee Min-seo and Lee Joo-young’s 3-pointer, 50-31.  메이저놀이터

Yonsei University’s momentum did not stop even in the second half. Yonsei University, which scored first in the third quarter with Ahn Seong-woo’s sharp drive-in, widened the score gap further with Kim Bo-bae’s consecutive bottom-of-the-box shots, Lee Kyu-tae’s fast attack, and Lee Chae-hyung’s drive-in. Yonsei’s lead was 61-40 after 4 minutes and 20 seconds of the third quarter. 

After driving the momentum and ending the third quarter with a 74-47 lead, Yonsei University widened its score even further in the fourth quarter with scores from Yu Ki-sang, Lee Chae-hyeong, and Lee Ju-young. 

In response, Yonsei University was confident of victory by putting Hong Sang-min, Choi Hyung-chan, and Lee Hae-sol in Sang-hong, leading 87-60 with 5 minutes and 40 seconds left in the game. 

Konkuk University’s Freddy and Choi Seung-bin showed inferiority in the rebound fight against big men such as Kim Bo-bae and Lee Kyu-tae, Kang Ji-hoon and Hong Sang-min of Yonsei University, and Park Sang-woo and Cho Hwan-hee did not explode and had to admit defeat. 

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