“I worked hard for 13 years.”

The first round of the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship (total prize money of 800 million won) was held at the Suwon Country Club in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do on the 12th. When Bo-mi Lee (35) recorded her birdie in the 8th hole (par 5), the fans clapped their hands and cheered.

Lee Bo-mi, who won a total of 25 wins on the Korea and Japan Women’s Professional Golf (JLPGA) tours, is slowly ending her professional activities, including the decision to quit her activities in Japan at the end of this year.

When she participated in the KLPGA tour for the first time this year, old fans flocked to her. Most of the fans who visited the stadium that day were ‘Chin fans’ who have been active as Lee Bo-mi’s fan club for more than 10 years. I visited the stadium when I heard about Bo-mi Lee’s participation in the KLPGA tour.

On this day, Lee Bo-mi had one more strong supporter. Her husband, Lee Wan, put on a golf bag and came out as a caddy.

Lee Bo-mi, who started the game on the 1st hole, recorded a ‘Julpa’ until the 7th hole. There were not many birdie opportunities, and rather, the atmosphere in the beginning was stagnant to the extent that there were many pars that were blocked in the danger of bogey.

He caught the first birdie on the 8th hole and changed the mood. In the ninth hole (par 4), the tee shot fell to the left of the fairway, and the second shot on the slope did not reach the green. I shot my third shot with an approach, put it close to the hole, and blocked it with a par to finish the first half with 1 under par.

Lee Bo-mi, who overcame the crisis, did not miss the birdie opportunity that came back on the 11th hole (par 5). When the birdie putt landed in the hole, the fans cheered even hotter and loved it.

In the 15th hole (par 4), the second shot fell on the green, but faced a crisis of going backwards. The approach ball was short, and the par putt deviated and made the first bogey of the day. At that moment, the fans also sighed together.

In hole 17 (par 5), the third shot stopped about 4m from the hole. It was an uphill slope, so a birdie was expected. Unfortunately, when the birdie putt missed the hole, another sigh of regret poured out.

The expected birdie did not come out, but the fans continued to cheer. When I finished the last tee shot on the day at the 18th hole (par 4), I cheered louder, saying ‘good shot’.

Lee Bo-mi repaid the fans’ support with a great shot. I put my second shot right in front of the hole and made a birdie with a neat putt, writing down 2 under par 70 strokes that day.

After the match, he received a surprise gift. A fan from Japan who came to see Lee Bo-mi’s game gave her a hand-painted picture with the phrase ‘You’ve worked hard for 13 years’.

Lee Bo-mi became a professional in 2007, but she has been active in Japan since 2011 and is in her 13th year this year.

Lee Bo-mi, who returned to Korea after participating in AXA Ladies Golf in Japan in March, did special training to participate in this tournament while digesting his personal schedule. He refined his shot and worked hard on his putts to keep his feel. On this day, I prepared by practicing putting on the green for 40 minutes before the start of the game.먹튀검증

After announcing that he would wrap up his tour activities at the beginning of the season, Lee Bo-mi promised, “I will show my fans a good image rather than his performance.” This is why Lee Bo-mi is still sweating every day.

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